RootStock is an annual gathering of an ad hoc and constantly changing community of more or less like-minded souls.

The event focuses on bushcraft skills: how to live and survive in harmony with the natural world. It also includes camping, and workshops in various disciplines led by professionals in their fields.  Beyond that there are hot showers, compost toilets, a sauna, and plenty of room to wander alone in if that's your preference. The camp is a shared journey. We arrive and leave together; there are no part time options. Arrive to camp from 3pm on Saturday 24th July and we leave the site as we found it by 3pm on the following Saturday.

We camp in circles of approximately 25 people around a central fire pit. This is our family for the week and we cook and eat a shared evening meal around that central fire. We generally take care of our own breakfast and lunch or enter into ad hoc arrangements with others in our circle. There are no shops within walking distance but there are branches of ALDI and Tesco about seven miles away.

RootStock is a quiet camp without amplification. Our aim is listen and not dictate, to work with nature and not despite it. With the exception of an evening or two of camp-wide celebration, there will be no loud noise after 10pm. This is out of respect for our furred, feathered, arboreal and human neighbours.

Find out even more information on the Rootstock website.


Event Details

Venue Ashlyn Wood
Location Ashlyn Wood, Cambridgeshire.
Duration 3 days
Price Adults £175
Price Kids £150
Information Young persons and under £90
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